Looking for your perfect Bath Wedding Photographer with these helpful tips

So the time has finally come and you are now looking for your perfect Bath wedding photographer... Whoop! Congratulations! There are some exciting times ahead for you both.

Looking and finding you perfect wedding photographer can be daunting, there's so many of us and to be fair the majority of Bath wedding photographers I know are pretty damn good! There's lots to organise with a wedding, Dresses, cake, flowers, suits, where nan is going to sit. Hopefully though, with these helpful tips I can help you make a positive start on trying to work out what you need from your wedding photographer.

Looking for your perfect Bath Wedding Photographer

Types of Photographers

There are lots of different styles of wedding photography and most of the styles are born out of different personalities that come with them. You have, fine art wedding photography, reportage and documentary photography, light and airy, dark and moody, classic, luxury you get my drift. Personally, I sit myself somewhere between classic and laidback luxury ( Documentary PLUS! ) - I like to capture what unfolds but I don't shy away from beautifully lit portraits and detail shots.

Think about what you like, what you'd like to leave people

Ultimately choosing a photographer is based on taste, there are tones of options, you've established this already. One thing I always say to my couples is... "Photos are not just for you" sure they will defiantly be a memory of yours for many years to look back on. But, they will also be an everlasting image of you for decades and to be honest even perhaps centuries to come. So while a lot of photographers and people think of the now... maybe it's is time also to think about the future. I'm not huge of staging too many shots with my work, at the end of the day I always think about how my kids would want to see me, A strong image of their father, then mostly, like most people, authentic and genuine, the real life me!

Don't be fooled by buzz words like "Documentary" "Natural" "Relaxed"

Every wedding photographer shoots documentary - how else can you document a live event. Most of us... well, I say most, but most of us are super chill. ( I've met a few crazy mofo's in the past ( thats a story for another day! ) anyway, we all use buzz words and ultimately they keep our content fresh and engaging for search engines, so couples can finds us on Google. But, many photographers can use these words with no real substance. Looking at their work you can pretty much tell what you are going to get. I mean I've lost count of the times I've seen the word documentary floated about and then to only look down on a post to see a Bride and Groom standing under a pergola with a flash behind them - there is nothing documentary or even natural about any of that. Also I often do think sometimes Being "Documentary" could maybe mean "cop out" I'm unobtrusive when I work, but, I'm not scared to help you look great or make you feel great should you need a wingman! All us photographers like the real life moments - but I also appreciate diversity with a collection of photos can be integral to telling the story.

Have a good look & chat

You would be surprised with the amount of enquires I get that ask me to see some examples of my work, with a website, an Instagram Page, Facebook Page and a constant flow of google images, with daily uploads and also a brochure! I'm fairy certain a good percentage of people haven't checked out the abundance of work many photographers put out before they enquire. You can get a good idea of not only their work and their personality by simply just looking at their images and posts. Do you like the look of them? If so get in touch with them and actually talk to them with intent, there's nothing more people like in this world than a straight up genuine natter! .. wedding photographers love wedding

Preset heavy? ...stay away!

Ok Stu, what's a preset? ...Well presets are like filters that photographers put on photos to make them look a certain way ( its like their style ) To be honest they are a bit naff in my option. I think sometimes they can be faddy and ultimately something most couples may regret years down the line. When checking out photographers, check to see if their images actually look like what life looks like... are the trees green in spring? is the sky blue...? is there something odd about that sunset that may look like it actually set in the Bahamas! ... sure we get sunsets in Bath but not those sorts of sunsets! Remember while some of these presets may look great now... how will they look to you or your kids in 20 years time. I don't edit with presets... I do my absolute best to keep everything looking as crisp, genuine you, and what you planned for. So those green bridesmaids dresses of yours .... they are staying green!

Let's talk money... us Brits hate talking money don't we!

Whole bunch of different prices out there for wedding photography isn't there! Yup, some photographers even chucking in randomness like sweets a stuff. ( Ok.. so sweets are kinda of good! ) But hey, look, why are they doing this? Surely if they are that good ... why do they need to add in all these freebies? It's because they are trying to shift a product that is not selling. There's always going to be someone out there who is happy to sacrifice the quality of their wedding photo's ( bare-in-mind a super import investment ) because they get a free selfie booth of 360 gizmo thing. Another thing to consider is what value they actually put on their work... lot's a photographers charge in a way that makes sense to their customers, ensuring not only are they giving them a quality product they also have the time provide it. Many photographers that sell cheap options normally have to go with a bums on seats sort of business plan, which ultimately means, you could be wedding number 4 in a row that week for them - and who wants that! Question to ask, are you on a budget? if the answer is yes, then the next question is, where is that budget going to be served best? Remember what is left after the wedding.

You can book me from £1300, or a whole 10 hour day from £1600 for wedding photography. This is essentially from bridal preparations until after the first dance - depending on where you want those 10 hours of coverage, you get to choose! You get my whole world wedding photography knowledge & experience, as well as absolute bucket loads of experience from some of the best wedding venues in the south west & Bath. All wrapped up just for you on the day, a straight forward no fuss service that provides you with solid all round real life images that boasts a real life moments, as well as something extra for the wall - Laid-Back and Luxury!

Thinking I could be right for you?

Feel free to have a look at my Wedding Photography Portfolio and my Wedding Videography Portfolio or drop me a enquiry here and I will pop you out a brochure and check availability for special wedding date of yours!

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