Hi, I'm Stu Tucker

I'm a full time wedding photographer, husband and father. I grew up in Keynsham near Bath. I have spent 18 years in the wedding and hospitality industry, so I know a thing or two about wedding's. I have seen all sides of the industry and worked behind the scenes most of my working life.

At heart, I'm a creative dude, I always have been! I'm super easy going and a romantic and thats why I love photographing weddings! From the documentary of the day as it unfolds, too beautiful canvas shots you'll see dotted around my galleries. Weddings are about family and friends... but most importantly you!

For me photography is a bout telling stories, capturing moments and reflections of people, because the most powerful stories are told with no words at all.

I'm Stu Tucker



“He is just phenomenal I think this is my second review but I cannot rate him enough! His pictures and his personality made our day thank you Stu we love you to bits 💜💜💜💜”