Weddings is without a doubt my biggest passion, long with food of course! I absolutely love my job and couples who choose to book me. The process in which I perform is to give back the ultimate magical story of their special day.

Rarely, but just sometimes an email will grace my inbox asking me provide images straight out of camera. ( RAWS ) I try really hard not to be upset with folks who ask. Yet assuming they didn’t really understand the full meaning of RAW. After informing me that Photoshop nor Lightroom is not part of their lingo, their request becomes clearer in the fact they didn’t really understand what they have asked me for.

RAW (straight out of camera) files simply do not open in Preview or Paint, these are very large files that are subjected to specialised software, high enough in the food chain that not every Tom, Dick or Harry happens to possess. So after clarifying, then comes the feeling of insult that their belief is the RAW files can be edited better than I can after a 7 year intimate relationship adobe suite. Visions of dodgy iPhone edits popping into your head begin to manifest, while tags on facebook and instagram of poorly edit images get associated with your name & brand.

Obviously these rare requests have come from folks that have booked based on what they see and admire of my work. So I always struggle to understand why they need images where by I have only preformed half of the job they have booked for.

The way I capture emotion, intimacy, mood & love is why folks book me, but also the way each photo has been presented, is the product that I am selling, the complete, edited & finished product that I have managed to perfect over the many years of shooting & editing photography.

I have spent long hours & money in researching, taking course, having 1-2-1's, practicing to finally be able to produce the look of my images that tell a story of a wedding day and create a look that is so popular.

(and.. of course minor adjustments to any image is warranted)

Culling through thousands of images to find the best is what we do, hours and hours of sorting, adjusting, enhancing is the process we as photographers do to produce the selection of images that catches the eyes of couples who book for their special day…

To sum it up. RAW files are an inaccurate representation of my work, the work you see presented on my website, and social platforms is the finished product in which you should like enough to pay for.

After all who walks into a bar and asks for the ingredients of a beloved Heineken, when all they wanted was an ice cold beer?