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I travel all over the UK including Bath, Bristol, Wells, Somerset and the Cotswolds areas. I’am based just on the out-skirts of Bath all my packages include travel with 2 hours of the city of Bath itself. I are also happy to travel abroad. Bath is a beautiful place to have weddings - I have been delighted to have been hired to photograph many weddings around Somerset and Bath over the years.

I’m super passionate about most things creative to be fair, but I’m also ridiculously passionate about family, weddings & marriage. Also the importance of photography and the role it play’s for the those who love us. I’m a firm believer that photo’s of you, are not just for you. They are for those who love us, to remember you by. This is why with my work … I don’t mess around with unrealistic edits, I keep things as real as I can, moments as authentic and as genuine as I can, sympathetic to the wedding venue, with a subtle bit of creativity in there for a good measure, making your wedding photography and film timeless & nostalgic. Find out more about me here


"Wedding Photography for easy going and light-hearted couples"

As a wedding photographer style is documentary & with rich classic tones, I love working with couples who are essentially looking for the day to be documented just as it happens - with a teeny weeny bit of subtle mood. I'm best suited for couples who are light-hearted, easy going, are wildly in love, and who aren’t afraid to let loose and have some fun for couples shots.

So get ready to tear up the mandatory wedding rule book, raise your hands and dance like the fun and unique couple you are! Together, I will help you capture the true story of your wedding day!

My whole ethos, in my life and in my career, is to ensure that what happens gets documented. I've got a camera every where I go! So that's the good, the bad, the ugly and the funny - all the real-life moments. The shit that will mean the world to you in years to come! 

"Wedding Photographs that are on trend yet classic"

I have a love for family roots, the solidity that marriage brings to your life, and course not forgetting photography! I capture moments that are authentic, genuine and unscripted, My style and tones are a crisp, rich and full of nostalgia, using natural light for portraits and also direct and off camera flash techniques making images pop, leaving images having longevity for years to come. Unlike many wedding photographers, I'am not a preset or filter warrior. I like to keep things as close to real-life colour as I can and I also love black and white.

"A wedding photographer that's unobtrusive, well kind of..."

Typically throughout a wedding day, I won't get in your way, I will keep myself to myself. I like to chat to folks from time to time - I'm never going to ask you or your guests to do anything that makes you feel like you are acting. It's all about just being you. Apart from of course, if people during family portraits look like rabbits in headlights - I might try to mix it up then. I guide you all though family shots and your own couple shots - leaving you, Mum and Nan something beautiful for the wall, as well as the album.

Wedding photographer in Bath
Wedding photographer in Bath
Wedding photographer in Bath
Wedding photographer in Bath
Wedding photographer in Bath
Wedding photographer in Bath
Wedding photographer in Bath
Wedding photographer in Bath

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Wedding Photography in Bath

About Bath...

Bath is one of the few cities that can compare architecturally to may great city's. It became a World Heritage Site in 1987 due to its architectural significance and picturesque landscape, making it an ideal location for weddings. The city boasts famous yellow 18th-century Georgian buildings, Bathing Stones and Houses, as well as the Roman bath from which the city takes its name. Wedding photographers absolutely love the place! It's near Bristol, know in it's own right a a cultural city. Bath also attracts many couples who plan to marry and has an abundance of wedding venues, hotels, modern bars and restaurants. Bath is a popular place for wedding photographers to shoot.

If you are seeking a wedding photographer, I frequently work in Bath and am often hired by couples who are planning their wedding in Bath, Bristol, or the surrounding areas. It's also a great location for engagement shoots. Bath's perfect blend of city and country makes it an amazing place get married.

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