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Here are my top 5 venues in the south west, mainly because I love the indoor light the host. These venues that kick absolute ass when it comes to great holly light that make for amazing photography and have your singing Hallelujah when you see the photos shot there! 

1 . Grittleton House

Grittleton House, Grittleton, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6AP

Grittleton House is at number one. It has some of the best light, and with it’s exquisite rich architecture it makes for some great portrait images, from getting ready in their drawing room, to the library… it really is a top wedding venue for those seeking darker tones and soft window light. 

2 . Elmore Court

Elmore, Gloucestershire, GL2 3NT

Elmore Court sits a perfect number two… from The Hall, to the Gillyflower, it has a variety of different lighting in every room. The Gillyflower is bright with rich tones to brighten up your speeches and the smoking room is to die for with its large windows and beautiful wood features.

3. Clevedon Hall

Clevedon Hall, Eton Road, Clevedon, North Somerset, BS21 7RH

Probably should be number one if I’m honest. Clevedon Hall is epic for ceremony situations with a huge stain-glass window that sits right above the main room, and the perfect bright and airy orangey that makes for the best summer vibe wedding money can buy. Every. Inch of this beautiful building is filled with pockets of light that will make wedding photography ooze with class and sophistication. 

4. The Moonraker Hotel

Trowle Common, Trowbridge Road, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire BA14 9BL

The Moonraker Hotel, The house is absolutely epic, the windows lets the light through so much it’s like walking into heaven, teamed with beautiful vintage decor, this place is an absolute must for classy light and shade photography. Wedding Bridal Preparations look like something out of movie and the airy well lit garden house marquee makes for absolute wonderful glowing wedding breakfast. 

5. Donnington Park Farm House

Melbourne Rd, Castle Donington, Derby DE74 2RN

This venue is literally the best for beams of holy light, The Threshing barn itself at the right part of the day et’s light beams of absolute mind mind-blowing light through its windows into small pockets highlighting your decor and you beautiful guests, it really can make for some of the most eye popping images. The Holly grail of wedding breakfast beauty. It all has some really cool string lighting and this can be used to great amazing fore ground in images. If I could have a wedding breakfast room like this everywhere it would be amazing!

Great Light is only one thing makes images amazing... that and a photographer that knows what to look for. At every venue I visit, i'm on the hunt for these special spots as soon as I walk through the door. In dark lit venues.. people naturally gravitate to wards light. So understand how people work is part of why it's so important not only to find a venue that works for you, but to find a photographer that can utilise every last inch of venue and create images that have soul, depth and most importantly emotional value. To find out more about me and my work, browse my webpage and check out my social feeds.

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