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Hi, I'm Stu, I photograph people - mainly on the biggest day of their lives, but I also have a passion for family photography. My love for photography began with my own desire to capture countless images of my family.

I live with my wife, Gemma, just outside Bath, along with our two children, Jude and Kye. We got married on the beautiful island of Rhodes in 2012 and have been together for 19 years. I'm punching above my weight, to be fair, but she loves me, so I've kept my mouth shut... hahah!

I have documented hundreds of couples on their wedding day, as well as countless family events, and have been documenting my own family's life through photography for almost 20 years. I believe that it's the people, rather than the place, that truly makes a photograph special - great locations are nothing without someone able to see the moments and have the people we love around us.

Throughout my life, I have been a creative person, working in food, music, photography, and film. I connect people through my passions, and I have an honest, real-life approach to my business and work that keeps things real at home and for my clients. I'm an ideal wedding photographer for those who appreciate that there is something to capture in the everyday moments of life, who don't want to spend their wedding day setting up countless shots for Instagram likes, but want to bloody enjoy their day and capture the real moments that make their wedding unique. I have an unobtrusive style that requires a little participation from couples to make their wedding images pop!

I have a genuine editing style that won't leave your images or films over-edited for the sake of a portfolio. I am sympathetic to the day, season, and venue with longevity for the years ahead.

You won't catch me at wedding fairs or trying to take you out for coffee to hard sell you what I do. I will always just crack on, let you watch what I produce and let my own feelings capture your heart and aspirations for how you want your wedding day and your life's memories captured.

I believe that someday our true story will become so important to those we already know, those we will yet to meet, and sadly, those we leave behind. This is why I have made it my life and career to take photos and make videos for not only my own family but for those people who understand that taking photos is more than just pointing and shooting - it's about understanding people, emotions, and their interactions with each other.

To find out more about my services, my approach, and see more of my work, check out my social media and website, and feel free to drop me any questions about how I can help you capture your wedding.

"a couple more random bits about me..."

I once came in the last 500 of The Voice UK

I once cooked a meal for the Royal Family

"things I like to do..."

My family and I are big lovers of seafood - I LOVE SEAFOOD! My seven-year-old son is also obsessed. In my spare time, I love going on day trips with my family. Any minute we get to pack up the car and go out with the boys, we do. Little trips to the beach to buy an ice cream, or driving randomly all the way to Devon just to get a crab sandwich and a beer in our favourite pub - these moments I cherish. I know my carbon footprint isn't that good at this point, but just imagine that crab walking all the way to my house... it's going to take some time, isn't it?

I love helping people, whether it's taking photos of them or feeding them. I love cooking for people and making them smile. I also have a knack for being the sort of person that you feel you have known your whole life. I get that a lot!

I've gone from making small, silly videos on my phone with my primary school mates to being a reputable and hardworking photographer and film maker.

My influences span wide, from Hollywood films to small independent indie film makers to local people who live right along my street.

I will probably write some more here at some point...

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