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"a little bit about me..."

Hi, I’m Stu, I photography people. Mainly on the biggest day of their life … but I also have a thing for family photography as well. Born out of my own passion to take countless images of my family. 

I live with my wife Gemma just outside of Bath, with my two kids Jude and Kye. We married in 2012 on the beautiful island of Rhodes. We have been together 19 years this year. I’m punching to be fair… but she loves me so I’ve kept my mouth shut... hahah!

I have background is hospitality, trained as a chef at the age of 17 and went on earn my CAVA ( which essentially means assessment level for hospitality ) I went to run a catering business with my Wife for around 10 years. Long story short… it just wasn’t doing it for me. So after shooting a bunch of weddings, we jacked it in and I pursued my love of photography and aimed to be a full time wedding photographer. I’ve now shot over 300 weddings, and with my hospitality back ground it pretty much makes sense for me and the couples that book me.

"a couple random bits about me..."

I once came in the last 500 of The Voice UK

I once cooked a meal for the Royal Family

"things I like to do..."

 My family and I are big lovers of seafood - I LOVE SEAFOOD! … my 6 year old son is also obsessed! In my spare time, I love going on day trips with my family, literally any minute we get to pack up the car and go out with the boys we do. Little trips to the beach to buy an ice cream, driving randomly all the way to Devon just to get a Crab sandwich and a beer in our favourite pub - these moments I cherish. ( I know my carbon foot print ain't that good at this point, but just imagine that crab walking all the way to my house... going to take some time isn't it. 

I love helping people, if it's not taking photos of people, it's feeding them, ( Damn! I love cooking for people ) I love just making people smile. I also have knack for being the sort of person that you feel you have know your whole life. I get that a lot! 

I’ve gone from making small silly videos on my phone with my primary school mates to being a reputable and hard working Photographer and Film Maker. 

My influences span wide from Hollywood films to small Independant indie film makers to local people who live right along my street.

I will probably write some more here at some point…

Shot of me crying my eye's out taken by my very good friend Ian Jeffery

Bath and Somerset Wedding Photographer

It's me...Stu!

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Stu Tucker Wedding Photographer

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