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Hey, my name is Stu Tucker


My mission? To snag those mega moments that light up people's lives, mainly through wedding shots, but I'm also down for some cozy family snaps. Now, don't get it twisted—I ain't claimin' to be the GOAT, or tryna be all out there or alternative. And hey, I haven't bagged any awards either. But you know what? My passion for photography goes way back, back to when I started capturing every single moment of my own family's life.


As a photographer, my vibe is all about that timeless style that's totally unique to me and sets my brand apart. Picture this: classic, elegant, and natural shots that don't just follow trends, they transcend 'em. Sticking to this style is key for me 'cause it's like my artistic signature. It means I can create pics that'll stay fresh forever. For the couples who book me, my timeless style is a ‘must ‘cause it guarantees their photos will be treasured for ages. My approach? It's all about capturing the real feels and connections between couples, so every pic isn't just pretty, it's packed with meaning. While trends may come and go, my timeless photography ensures the memories I capture will never fade out.

A Decade of Experience

Having almost a decade of wedding photography under my belt and nearly two decades hustling in the hospitality scene has been major for my growth as a photographer. My time in hospitality taught me the importance of top-notch customer service and staying flexible in any situation. When I'm behind the lens at weddings, all that experience helps me anticipate my clients' needs, making sure their big day goes off without a hitch. I've picked up big skills in the wedding game, knowing exactly how to navigate the flow of events and find those perfect angles and lighting setups for epic shots. For the couples who choose me to capture their special day, my experience is key. They know they're getting someone with the know-how to nail every shot and make their wedding memories last a lifetime. All those years of grinding have levelled up my photography game, and I'm all about using that expertise to give every couple the unforgettable wedding collection they deserve and on the personal journey of doing the same for my family - it’s all about the CPD. 

This is me

I'm also a super lucky fella - I've been my with gorgeous wife, Gemma, for 21 years and married to her for 10 years, together we're raising our two little buties, Jude and Kye, 7 and 1 years old! Completely winging parenting but who isn’t! Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, I’m defiantly punching with Gemma, but shh... don't tell her I said that! Haha! You can find some of our escapades here - there's a bunch of video's I make of us being a family!

I live just outside Bath, my father was from Bath and we have generations spread back centuries there!

As a wedding photographer, I've captured countless moments for hundreds of couples and family events over the years. I believe that it's the people, not the place, that make's a photo truly special! I also have a passion for landscape photography, but nothing truly compares to my love of taking photos of people at their best in life, and yes to be honest sometimes at their worse. Life wouldn't be life without light and shade.

I've always been a creative soul, dabbling in various art forms like food, music, photography and film. I love connecting with people through my passions and I bring that same honesty and real-life approach to my business. 

To be honest, If you're looking for a wedding photographer who won't spend the entire day setting up posed shots for Instagram, dancing to silly reels on TikTok or insta, but who will capture the real, raw moments that make your day truly unique, then I'm your guy. My unobtrusive style requires a little participation from you and your partner, but trust me, it'll result in photos that truly pop!

I have never like over-editing my wedding photos, for the sake of a portfolio. I have a natural editing style that takes into consideration the day, season, and venue, so your photos will look just as beautiful in 10 years as they do today.

You won't find me at wedding fairs trying to sell my services with a hard pitch. I also am not getting paid by any venues that take a cut when they recommend a photographer! ( Yup that’s shit is real! What the hell is that all about) I let my work speak for itself and if you're feeling it, great! If not, that's okay too. Just check out my social media and portfolios to see more of my work, and please feel free to reach out with any questions about how I can help capture your special day. You can find a bunch of FAQ on this page

To me, photography is about capturing more than just an image. It's about understanding people, emotions, and the interactions people have with each other. Someday, our memories will be all we have left, something that is very true to my heart after loosing my father back in the spring of 2022. I want to make sure that others are able to hire me to capture their most precious time in their life, in the most beautiful and genuine way possible.

Wedding Photographer

Me and my little family.

Wedding Photographer

It's me...Stu!

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