Limpley Stoke Hotel Wedding Photography

Stu Tucker Photography

Limply Stoke Hotel Wedding Photographer

All weddings for me are a joy to shoot and Amelia and Ellis’s wedding left me absolutely buzzing.

Limpley Stoke Hotel is a wedding venue not far from where I live in Bath. It is very popular and they cater for some of the most energetic weddings I’ve shot - Amelia and Ellis’s wedding was just that.

When I rocked up in the morning, I was greeted by Amelia and her mum, When the mother of the bride invites you to sit on the bed and talk … you know your in for a good day. The the day kicked off with laughs, bubbly and make up by one of my absolute fave makeup artists Natalie Heaver over at Wild Rose Beauty.

The ceremony was gorgeous, I could see the look on Amelia’s fathers face, it was beaming with pride as he walked her down the isle, and the laughs roared as Ellis jumped the gun and kissed his bride before the registrar had announced them husband and wife. It was a moment the wedding guests I’m sure will never forget.

The day moved on, with the with lots of drinks following in the warmth of their summer wedding day, and the kids were kept entertained with a beautiful bell tent just for them set up in the The Georgian Room by Little Tent Events.

Speeches we’re sentiment filled with the Father of the Bride reading a poem he had written to Amelia as if she were a little girl again. Then, as the tears dried, an eruption of music and crashing cutlery happened as singing waiters sprung into action. Everyone was on their feet; It was absolute joy to watch.

As the sun went down, Amelia and Ellis jumped in my car and we took a ride to the top of the valley where Limpley Stoke Hotel resides. We found a beautiful long grass meadow where the sun was shining the most perfect haze of orange. This was a perfect spot for portraits. As a photographer these conditions are absolutely gold for portrait shots.

The day moved on to the evening party, but first was their dance… introduced through the large doors of the main room, they made their way to the dance floor. The room was brimming with people, smiling wedding guests watched as they danced in each other’s arms.

The party had started, the atmosphere was electric, Ellis and Amelia both raised on the shoulders of their guests in celebration to their marriage. You will see in the video the epic shots that captured this. The dancing continued… I think I even busted a move, well when I say think, how can you take party shots when you are not in with the vibe.

Below is the film I created and some of the images shot from their day.