Shall we have couple shots on our wedding day?

Should we have couple shots on our wedding and why they can be important, but are never essential.

As a wedding photographer, I understand that every couple has different preferences and priorities for their special day. Some couples place great importance on capturing documentary moments of their wedding. Documentary images from me go without saying it's fundamentally what I'm about - 95% of the images I provide for a wedding are documentary.

Although, one of the most common questions couples ask themselves is.... "should we have couple photos during our wedding?"

While I believe that these shots can be incredibly valuable and can go hand in hand with the gallery of images that I look to provide couples. I also however understand that they may not be essential for everyone, and rightly so, couple shots are not essential at a wedding, after all a wedding is an event. An an event that is worthy more than ever of ensuring that its documented authentically and not curated.

In this blog, I will explore how why shots can be of importance for on the wedding...

Couple photos are a significant part of wedding photography. They capture the love and affection shared between the couple on their special day, and can be a wonderful addition to your wedding album or make great wall pieces. I mean there is only so many pictures of uncle Bob drinking his pint you can put on the wall. However, not all couples feel comfortable in front of the camera or may prefer a more candid documentary approach completely to their wedding photography.

Couples shots are the essential on a wedding day?
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Couples shots for your wedding

Some couples may feel that couple photos are unnecessary or contrived. They may feel that posing for photographs takes away from the authenticity of the day and disrupts the natural flow of events. However, as a professional photographer, I have the experience and knowledge to create a relaxed and natural atmosphere for couples, I guide you, I don't pose you! Ensuring that the photographs are both stunning and authentic while completely epic for the wall. I have totally got you! It's important to understand that getting great couple shots requires making time for them on the day. I always ask my couples if they would like to include couple photos at their wedding not only on the call we have before the wedding - but also on the day. 

There is always natural fun and candid shots to be had at a wedding. Weddings are events that have many layers of stories, this might be characters with in your bridal party, a Nan who has had a few Sherry's a father that can keep his tears in. However while it is true that there is many opportunities for natural and authentic shots like these, there is an expectation that there will be multiple natural shots of couples together on their wedding day, the reality is that many couples don't spend a lot of time together on the day organically. Yes they standard next to each other in the ceremony and yes they sit next to each out at speeches. However as a couple if you really want natural candid shots together on the day, you have to make a concerted effort to stay in each others company. During the wedding day, couples are often pulled in different directions, attending to guests, family members, and other wedding responsibilities. It can be challenging to find a quiet moment together amidst the celebration. It's often the case that that couples spend a good percentage of the day seperate and hosting guests individually.

So...this is where the couples section of wedding photography becomes especially important. As photographer, I have seen many couples who have been caught up in the hosting whirlwind of their wedding day that they hardly have any time alone together and while a lot of what I do on the day is documentary, it is important for many couples and for me as a photographer to ensure that there is a balance in the images provided, and having a dedicated time for the couple shots is not only a great way for you to to relax, be themselves, and enjoy each other's company it is a time to be unapologetically you away from your guests. It provides an opportunity for the couple to take a step back, breathe, and connect with each other. It also ensures that the couple has some beautiful photographs together to look back on, capturing the love and joy of themselves together special day - If you want couple shots, essential that you plan the time at least 30 mins into your day to ensure that you give me time to properly take photos of you, even more so if this is important to you. This is additional time that doesn’t include and group and family shots that you may or may not want. 

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Couple shots for you wedding

There are many reasons why couples may want to include couple photos on their wedding day. The most obvious reason is that your wedding day only happens once. Couple photos can be a way to showcase your personal style and taste. Having professional photos of you and your partner on this special day is a wonderful way to document your love story away from the documentation of the actual day.

I also understand that not all couples feel comfortable with this element of photography. Sometimes a couples priority change on the wedding day and that is why I always ask my couples before and also on the day as priorities can change.

If there is one piece of advice I can give you, enjoy the moments together on your day, and let me help you get the shots that have attracted you to my work, I know when the light is the absolute best or when based on your timings we can fit this in - wedding days are busy days and taking the time to do these shots will leave you with a good balance of documentary shots in your collection but also some killer, emotive and fun couple shots.

and remember... I got you!

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