The Significance of Prioritising Adequate Time for Getting Dressed on Your Wedding Morning

Why Rushing Bridal Preparations Can Lead to Wedding Day Stress

Alright, let's talk wedding mornings. I think it kind of goes with out saying I have been at a lot of bridal mornings. They're a whirlwind of excitement, nerves, and loads of emotions. Now, here's the thing – giving yourself enough time to get into that dreamy wedding dress can make all the difference.

Wedding mornings, despite meticulous planning, can have unexpected twists. Hair and makeup that takes a tad longer than expected, a last-minute touch-up, or a forgotten accessory – these are all scenarios that can arise. By being dressed and ready with loads of time before the ceremony in my experience is one of the best decisions you will make, by planning it at least an hour prior to the ceremony this space - you build a buffer against any unforeseen circumstances. This allows you to navigate these hiccups and being on the back-foot with grace and ensures that the ceremony begins chilled and relaxed. 

Wedding Morning Tips
Wedding Morning Tips

Imagine this: you're racing against the clock, trying to squeeze into your dress, while your besties are rushing to get their hair and makeup sorted. All the while the wedding planner is knocking at the door because the registrar is ready to see you. Not exactly the calm, picture-perfect scene you envisioned, right? Rushing through this process can lead to a heap of unnecessary stress.

Typically you will both see the registra at different points before the ceremony. In a same sex marriage wedding they will look to speak with the groom first 30 minutes prior to the ceremony and then the Bride 15 minutes prior. If you a re a same sex couple - you’ll get to decide with them who is first. So with this in mind and the example of a 2pm ceremony, along with my advice, you probably want to be all boxed off in your dress around 12:45, chilled sipping Prosecco having a right old laugh with your girls. 

Bridal preparations are a treasure trove of memories waiting to happen. It's not just about the dress; it's about the giggles, the shared excitement, and, yes, even those little hiccups. Taking your and planning in this extra hour, means you get to savour the moments, appose it it all be a flash and blurred memory. It also give me the photographer a great amount of time to truly execute the bridal portraits in the morning. .

Wedding Morning Tips
Wedding Morning Tips

Imagine having that extra hour to yourself, surrounded by the people you hold dearest. With the hustle and bustle of preparations behind you, this hour is a pocket of tranquility amidst the excitement. It's a time to soak in the significance of the day, to exchange heartfelt words with your bridal party, and to share a few moments of quiet reflection. Being in your dress an hour early means you get to fully embrace the role of the bride. You can walk, move, and sit comfortably in your dress, allowing you to truly experience the magic of the moment.

But being in your dress early isn't just about embracing the role of the bride, it's also a practical safeguard. With time on your side, any unforeseen accidents can be addressed with calm and composure. It's like having a superhero costume ready for action, just in case! I can tell you this now… I have seen many a mother of the bridal crumble doing up a corset back only minutes to the ceremony and the register knocking at the door to see the bride. 

Using this time properly is about creating an atmosphere of calm, grace, and readiness. It's about embracing the unexpected, cherishing the quiet moments, and ensuring that your journey from engaged to married is a seamless, beautiful transition.

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