Booking a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions a you will make in the lead up to your special day. A good photographer will not only capture all of the memories and emotions of the wedding day, but also provide you with beautiful images that will be timeless for a lifetime. With that in mind, it is important to book a wedding photographer well in advance of the wedding day to ensure that they get the best photographer!

Typically, I recommended that couples book their wedding photographer 12 to 18 months before their wedding day. This allows plenty of time for you to research and select the right photographer, and find the one that really suits your image, style and aspirations for their final images. Booking in advance also gives you the time opportunity to save, budget and set aside what is needed to pay to have the one you absolutely love.

It's important that you find a photographer that has a defined style, this is a good sign that they are confident with in their role... and of course gives you time to secure the date with them!

If you are planning on booking a wedding photographer from another area it maybe worth in some cases booking your wedding photographer as far as two years in advance! yes I know sounds crazy right! ... A wedding photographer needs to plan a whole season of wedding bookings, it's worth considering while a photographer maybe available for your date, it doesn't always mean that that they will be or even want to book you in when that particular season is already sufficiently booked for them. I know from my experience, and with having a young family I'm very unlikely wanting to book any dates that are in school half term holidays early on, so it just goes to show that photographers all have different ways we want our bookings to form. It's worth reaching out as soon as possible. This is particularly true for popular photographers who have a high demand for their services and a busy schedule... and a busy family life!

When it comes to destination weddings. Booking in advance can also be beneficial for destination weddings, as it gives the couple more time to coordinate with the photographer for travel arrangements.

Another reason to book a wedding photographer in advance is to ensure that you have a choice of best photographers in your area. With the popularity of having a profesisonal wedding photography on the rise, many of the best photographers may already be booked for the wedding season. Typically i'm normally sufficiently booked myself at least for the next season by the end of the summer before. But that's not to say that if you have had to book later than you wanted that I or your dream photographer wont have the date available. It just makes it more of a risk to do it like that. You could find yourself settling for someone just because they are available. Booking in advance gives you the opportunity to choose from a wider selection of photographers, and to select the one that best fits your coverage requirements and aspiration for the style of images you want. Booking a photographer in advance is also important for the you to consider the photographer’s portfolio, reviews, and reputation. The photographer's portfolio is a representation of their work and style, and it is important for you to review the portfolio to ensure that the photographer's style matches their own vision for the wedding day. Don't just book them because they fit your budget. Litterally the worse thing you can do! While a photographer maybe available, or even in budget - it doesn't mean that they are a correct fit for you.

Once you have found your perfect wedding photographer it is important to make sure that they can provide the level of coverage you need to sufficiently photograph your wedding and that they have the capacity to come to your wedding venue.

Booking a wedding photographer well in advance of the wedding day is essential to ensure that you have the best possible experience when planning.

It's pretty normal that couples will spend a whole day sending out enquires to photographers, but if you want my honest advice here, I would avoid doing this! You will just be bombarded by replies that ultimately you may end up making a mistake. Also bare in mind you may also not have time to reply to everyone photographer that gets back in touch with you, if you have contacted a photographer make sure it is for a good reason, ask the right questions and try not to ghost the ones you absolutely love, if they are anything like me, that will make them less likely to even consider shoot for you in the first place. Most photographers want to build a good relationship with you from the start.

With the right photographer, you can relax and enjoy planning the rest of your wedding! Knowing that your memories and images will be in good hands. By researching and selecting a photographer who fits their needs and style, communicating your needs and preferences, and booking in advance, you can ensure that you will have beautiful images to cherish for a lifetime.

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