Downloading images from your gallery is straight forward, but not everyone is super tech-savvy so I thought I just run through it with you.

Firstly there are a few things that you need to remember.

x2048 image size option - This is a compressed format that is suitable for sharing on social media. This image format won't be suitable for printing. But is ideal for uploading to your social feeds. Facebook and Instagram won't compress these files when you share them. Your images will look great on screen. You will have the option to download the images in this format and original format when you click to download the gallery.

When you download whole galleries they will be in a zip file if you are to select "My Computer". Most phones won't be able to open this file unless you have a cloud system that will allow you to open zip files. The reason they are zipped for download is that there are loads of images. preferably you'll need a computer to unzip the photos onto your hard drive. 

You will be able to download images on their own - but only in their original format. When downloading images individually you won't get the option for 2048.

When you open your gallery for the first time there will be an assistant that will show you how to download images and add them to faves lists. Don't just click through this - Make sure you read it through. 

When your gallery is finally open, in the top right-hand corner there is an icon defined by 3 dots. Click this icon and select download. You will then be prompted to input your log-in details and download pin that was supplied to you when you were issued your gallery. Once this is done, click continue. You will then be asked what download size you'd like. Select the size you'd like and then click where you'd like the images to be downloaded in ( Remebering 2048 is not for printing ) Youll have the option at this stage to download them to your computer, add them to you own dropbox or goggle photos drive. If you are on a phone it might be a good idea to click for dropbox or google photos if you have this servcie. This way you will be able to access them there. ( Remembering if you select my computer and your using your phone you will be downloading zip folder that you may not be able to open on your phone. 

If you are having trouble with your USB on machines in a store - here are some things to try. 

Use a different machine in an alternative store.

Check the USB is working by inserting in-to a laptop. 

Use the gallery to download the images to your dropbox or googlephotos drive. Add them to your phones photo gallery and connected your phone to the machine ( Most machines will have this option, be it using an iPhone or Android device.

If in all these cases none of these options work, or you do get your images printed but your USB is still playing up, please contact me, send the USB back to me and I will sort it out for you.

It may be that on the machines in-store that you see the files but not the pictures. It may be that it takes a while for your thumbnails to populate, the shop's machines typically are slow and if you have 500 plus images you could be waiting a while for them to show. Your images are there, so maybe make a note of the file names so you can select the images without having to wait. 

Don't forget you can also print directly from gallery using a premium service from Loxley Labs! You'll get better quality prints that snapfish or Tescos machines

Here is the process in process in pictures on how to download the whole gallery. The Same process is applicable on single image downloads.

How to download from your gallery
How to download from your gallery
How to download from your gallery
How to download from your gallery