The Love Story of Charlotte and Daniel's Quantock Lakes Wedding

A Modern Love Story that Began on Tinder - a Wedding at Quantock Lakes

As a wedding photographer, I have captured many beautiful moments and emotions, but Charlotte and Daniel's Quantock Lakes Wedding was one of them The day was filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. From the preparations to the ceremony and the reception, every aspect of their wedding was beautifully executed, and it was an absolute joy to be part of it.

Charlotte and Daniel's love story began in the most modern way possible, they met on Tinder. Daniel had only been on the app for a week when they matched, and despite Charlotte's reluctance due to dealing with a loss in her family…within three months, he moved in with her. They became best friends who did most things together, and after losing her mother in 2019, Charlotte feels that her mother sent Daniel to her. They have been inseparable ever since. How beautiful is that! 

The proposal was just as beautiful as their love story. Daniel planned a special day for Charlotte that culminated in a surprise proposal under the stars. He presented her with a book containing all the reasons he loved her and ended it with a paragraph that read, "will you marry me?". Under the stars and with a star map of the night they became a family, Daniel proposed to Charlotte, and she said yes.

When they chose Quantock Lakes as their wedding venue, they knew it was perfect for them. They didn't want a big white wedding, and after attending a friend's wedding at the venue, they fell in love with its warm, homely, and picturesque aesthetic. With the lake outside and the bifold doors around the wedding breakfast room, the venue offered breathtaking views and provided the perfect backdrop for their special day.

Bride at Qauntock Lakes Wedding
Groom Qauntock Lakes Wedding Ceremony

On the day of their wedding, I arrived at The Farm House Accommodation where Charlotte and her bridesmaids were getting ready. The atmosphere was amazing, lots of happiness in the room as they all got ready. Her bridesmaids, Emily, Naomi, Charlotte, and Rebecca, were incredibly supportive and helped her get ready for the big day. Charlottes sister was her makeup artist. 

As Charlotte sat down to have her hair and makeup done, she shared with me her excitement for the day ahead. She spoke about how much she loved Daniel and how happy she was to be marrying him. I could feel the love and anticipation in the air, and I knew this was going to be an incredible day.

As the bridesmaids got dressed and helped Charlotte into her stunning wedding dress, I captured every moment, ensuring that each detail was perfectly preserved in time. Charlotte looked absolutely breathtaking, and I knew Daniel would be blown away when he saw her.

The ceremony took place at the Quantock Lakes Wedding Venue, and it was an emotional ceremony. Charlotte walked down the aisle with her father, Neal, to meet her groom, Daniel, who looked dashing in his light coloured suit. As Charlotte made her way down the aisle, I could see the emotion on Daniel's face. He looked so happy and in love. The love and affection between them were evident, and it was a beautiful sight to see. I’m a bit of a sap really and sometimes struggle to hold it together myself at these moments. Even after shoot hundreds of wedding at this stage. I just love to see people happy. 

After the ceremony, we took to the Jetty on the lake for the confetti shot, then moved straight into the group shots. I never want my couples missing out on their day, so I try to get this part of the photography done and dusted to ensure they can enjoy their day. I took some photos around the venue with the couple, Quantock Lakes provides the perfect backdrop for wedding photography. The lake, the trees, and the landscape add a touch of magic to the photos, and it was an absolute joy to capture the couple's love for each other in such a beautiful setting.

Nadine the wedding organisers, did an outstanding job of making sure everything ran smoothly, the venue looked breathtaking. The flowers by Sarah Pepper Flowers were simply stunning, and the decorations by the Wedding Company added a touch of elegance to the venue. The catering by the venue was fantastic also, I was treated to a beautiful piece of chicken for my dinner, and you could clearly see guests were enjoying the delicious food.

The speeches happened after the guests ate, I often find this works best as guests are not hanging around hungry while listening to the speeches. Samuel Daniel's best man, gave a heartwarming speech as well as the Maid of honour Charlottes sister. They were super emotional and you they raised a glass to Charlotte mother. The speeches were both touching and heartfelt. I was in awe of the love and support that surrounded Charlotte and Daniel, and it was clear that they were truly loved by all their family and friends.

Qauntock Lakes Wedding
Bride and Groom Kiss at Quantock Lakes Wedding Ceremony
Quantock Lakes Wedding Bridal Party Photography

The reception was a lively affair, and the couple's energy was infectious. They enjoyed DJ music banging out tunes that were a mix of old school classics and new tunes. Before I left I took the couple outside for a flash shot on the jetty as well as some evening video footage. It had rained on and off throughout the day which in some cases made it hard to have a consistent set amount of time to shoot couple segments for their video. I always say that these parts of the day are not essential but always want the best for my couples so I don’t think twice before hanging around to make sure I get something a little extra for video’s. 

Charlotte and Daniel's Quantock Lakes Wedding was a testament to their love for each other. It was an intimate, elegant, and beautiful wedding, and I feel so privileged to have been part of it.

Wedding Part Bride Cheers Quantock Lakes Photography
The Jetty at Quantock Lakes Wedding Photography
Quantock Lakes Wedding Photo

What Charlotte and Danni Said...

"Thank you so much for being the most friendly, personable & professional person when you were shooting our wedding on Saturday! You totally put both of us and all of our wedding party at ease from the second you arrived and even when we were pulled away for our couples shots with just us we didn’t feel as though we missed out at all and actually instead created some of our favourite/ funny moments of the day too!"

The Jetty at Qauntock Lakes Bride and Groom

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