"...A photographer shouldn't be your entertainment"

Too many times, I see photographers becoming a bit if a circus act, taking over the wedding day and making it more about them than you. I just can't deal with this approach! If you want a photographer that lets the day flow, isn't going to overbearing and doesn't take the focus off you, then we are going to get on great! I'm a personable character but not to the point that I'm there to entertain you and your guests - I want to capture your day, not define it.

"...Keeping it honest for easy going and light-hearted couples"

If you are the type of person that is stress free and relaxed, I’m probably the right wedding photographer for you. My whole ethos, in life and my career, is to ensure that what happens gets documented. The good, the bad and the ugly. All the real-life moments. I have a light-hearted approach that likes to simply to put two fingers up to the Instagram culture of mass-marketed perfection, I don't photoshop faces or remove double chins, because I'm pretty certain in 30 years time, your kids will be pretty pissed with you that all they have to look back on is some weird unrealistic image... and that you've changed that beautiful face that raised them.

I’m super passionate about my portrait work. So if you like beautiful images; appreciate good light in photographs; and are not planning on loosing your shit if your hair is a bit wind swept - Keep reading. I work best with couples who are down to earth, and who aren’t afraid to let loose and have some fun couple shots. If you’re not precious about your dress, the weather, if you’re happy to hop fences, run through through fields to get that amazing shot and if don’t take yourself too seriously...well then, we’re gonna get along great and your photos will be absolutely fire! ... everything in between is as the day unfolds!

"...Unobtrusive, well kind of"

Typically throughout a wedding day, I won't get in your way, I will keep myself to myself, I won't lurk in the shadows, but I won't be bugging that absolute crap out of you. I like to chat to folks from time to time - I'm never going to ask you or your guests to do anything that makes you feel like you are acting. Apart from if people during family portraits look like rabbits in headlights - I might try to mix it up then. I mean, sure, if you want those amazing couple shots you see on my portfolio, I may have to guide you in some way. Unless of course, you are actually a model, then you will know exactly what to do! But, 9 time out of 10, the couples that book me, are straight up easy going normal folks who are not featuring on the front of magazines for a living. There maybe a few times I ask you to move to the natural light during bridal prep - if in the heat of the moment you choose to get your shoes in a cupboard or corner of the room. But, a part from that, its your day, your life, your aspiration to have done things your way - It's a documentary approach. 95% of my wedding coverage being made up with natural documentary wedding photography or videography footage as the wedding day itself unfolds. So that's, shots of you having giggles with your bridesmaid's on the wedding morning, or shots of the father of bride seeing you for the first time in your dress. Plus all those sweet and funny little moments between.  ( i'm never going to ask you and your bridesmaids to fake laugh )

The remaining 5%... is made up of stunning wedding portraits, beautiful cinematic wedding footage for wedding films or family group shots, plus those beautiful bridal groom photographs you will see on my website and social media pages. 

"...on trend, but classic"

My work is classic. I'am not a preset warrior. I like to keep things as close to real-life colour as I can. I don't mess around making weddings shot in Somerset, look like they are taken in some far flung place on the edge of Europe. It's on trend enough, that it wont go out of trend! You won't be looking back in 20 years time thinking WOW! why the hell is there a weird hue in the sky or why do the trees look like it's winter - when I actually actually had a summer wedding? Im not a light and airy photographer. I don't even know how to edit like that.

The whole point for me, is to ensure that the images I give couples have longevity.. Not just image's that make an impact on instagram in 2022 and then by 2023 look dated. It's not about me or the industry, it's about YOU the couple, and making sure what happened is documented and actually looks authentic and real!


How do I secure my wedding date with you?

A booking fee reserves your wedding date with me. You will be supplied with your own online portal to complete at booking. Once this is completed I'm all yours for the date.

Can we meet before we book

Unfortunately, due to the amount of enquiries I receive, I’m only able to do consultations with couples who book with me. Once you’ve secured your date with me, I’ll be more than happy to have video call and talk shop!

How would your describe your style?

My style is natural, documentary and classic, I love slightly darker tones, but this can very much depend on the venue. My wedding films are documentary with a element of romance. You will never catch me setting up shots - my strengths are capturing real moments. Couple shots are guided and don't require you to be good in front of a camera.

Do you provide Videography?

Yes, I love shooting films! I have a few options for wedding films available.

How long are your wedding films?

Wedding films vary based on the day couples have planned but for a full wedding videography option, you can expect to receive a 5-7 minute highlight film including the ceremony and speeches recorded and delivered to you as additional videos.

Do you provide black and white and colour versions of photographs and wedding videos?

For videos, all my wedding films come in colour and black and white. The colours are classic and I don't mess around too much with them. This helps in years to come to make your film look decent. Photos come in a mixture of colour and black and white and depend on the venue lighting and my preference. You can request a full set in black and white as an add on after the gallery has been delivered.

How do we get our wedding images?

All options in my brochure provide you with an online gallery to download your images directly to your preferred device. USB & Albums can be added to your wedding package before or after your wedding.

What is your lead time on delivering images?

Normally with in 4-6 weeks depending on the time of year. When you choose to book, you agree to a 20 week wait for your images.

How many images do we get?

This depends on the brochure option you choose, my most popular option is 10 hours of coverage and you can expect to receive 500 plus images with this option.

Can you match other photographers style?

In short... no, what you see in my portfolio and on my social feeds are the style that you will receive.

Do you offer prints and albums?

When you receive your gallery with your images - it's like a shop, you can order directly from there.

Can I share my images?

Yes, you have the right to share them and print them. Images can be downloaded in high-resolution for prints as well as web format for sharing on your fave social media platforms. If you plan to use them for marketing for busniess, or the venue you married at you'd need to gain permission from me.

How far do you travel?

All options in the brochure come with two hours of travel time to your bridal prep and/or venue. However I travel the UK & Europe also.

Can dates be penciled?

Dates are only secured with a booking fee and a completion of the online portal. Due to the amount of enquires I receive. I can't turn away other couples for your date until this has been paid and completed.

What cameras do you use?

Sony mirrorless systems

Can we book Photography and Videography together?

Yes, when you book these together, it's subject to the availability of one of my team members as you will get two of us. The hybrid option is great for those seeking a bit of both with a lower cost.

Do you have a question?

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