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As a wedding photographer - I always ask, why are you afraid of getting your wedding dress mucky? Is it because people will judge you for walking around and enjoying your day? Is it because you spent £2000 on it and want to hang it in your wardrobe getting covered in dust, opening it trough zipper hole now and then to let your new friends who weren’t at the wedding have a peek before closing it again, just in case the sunlight discolours it? Is it because you’re going to sell it afterwards and give your future daughter nothing to try on when she’s 12 years old?

A dirty wedding dress tells stories. A red wine stain, split in the ballroom at Walcot Hall is a memory of when your bestie made you laugh so bloody hard you spat it out all over yourself.

Mud stains from the rugged paths that run beside Kingscote Barn are memories of when you wanted to get some fresh air and wandered through a field at sunset (you probably got some epic kick-ass photos of that too).

Grass stains from Parade Gardens after your Bath Guild Hall wedding are memories of when it all got too much and you just had to have a sit down amongst the flowers, as the sun started to fade and your mate told you the cheesey jokes.

That tear in the hem is a story of when your photographer had an idea about breaking into an abandoned building for cool photos and it caught on the fence.

That grease stain is the story of the moment your partner showed up with a brand new BMX at Elmore Court, as a wedding gift and you just had to ride it.

That black grime around the bottom is a memory of when you walking from The Old Council House on Corn Street in Bristol to the pub reception for your party, the street was gross and dirty and you took some of it home with you!

One of my couples Sally and George went to a beach and Sally climbed up rocks in her dress and got wet sand got on it – “ah well” she said. I’ve never loved her more. 

Laura and Chris laid in a golf bunker as the sun went down to get a drone shot.

Amy & Sam and got caught in a thunderstorm as they walked along the suspension bridge in Bristol. 

Don’t forget memories are made from things that leave an every lasting impression on you and the belongings you have.

Dirty Wedding Dress tell stories of bold and down to earth brides. Brides who know life isn't perfect and beautiful because of it. Brides who know their wedding day is a symbol for something so much bigger than a few stains here and there. 

The worst-case scenario is you get in dry cleaned... but Why? ... they are Stories!

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