Are Wedding Films Worth the Moolah?

Not sure about having a wedding film - Read on.

Out of the two wedding products I sell, wedding films are by far not only the most skilled products to create, from the capturing on the day to the editing. But, also the hardest thing to sell. This is not because my films don’t resonate with people, It’s because the value is not appreciated until after the wedding takes place and then for many years down the line to then look back and say, WOW! so glad we had our day filmed. In fact, instantly I get this reaction from my couples. But the true appreciation doesn’t come until much much later in life. 

is a wedding videographer worth it?

If you could create a time capsule what memories you’d add?

//Sophie & Sam - Wedding Videography

Time and time again on social media I see the same question being asked: “Is getting a videographer worth it?” This is always an interesting question to ask because it essentially says to me that you may have prioritised something else over capturing your day with film. Let me tell you this… if you have to ask that question - then film is not for you. It’s that simple. Those who do bite the bullet and make the investment, make one of the best purchase decisions they can on their wedding day and that is to leave a moving picture of their day as an heirloom to their family. An absolute priceless piece of content, that for sure will have your future ancestors in awe. 

Over the years I have seen lots of weddings and for me pushing film has never been something I haven’t cared too much about, In fact, the time associated with creating films compared to wedding images is by far a lot more work, but with little financial gain for doing so. But even as the creator, I see the value so much for my couples and this is why I provide the service. However, as the years have passed - I have noticed that couples tend to spend money on stuff for their wedding only to find within the weeks after, they are having to try and sell it at a discounted rate on social media. Thrown away money on renting stuff, things like… light up Mr & Mrs signs, dressing gowns with bride and bridesmaids printed on the backs, socks with the groom and best man on them, slippers, bags that tell people you are the bride ( I mean do you really need a name badge for yourself on your own wedding day? ) There are countless amounts of stuff people buy for their wedding, that ultimately does not hold any value sentimentally. Yet the film is put on the back burner to see what's left in the budget - with £200 worth of Haribo and a £2 favour on each place setting, that no guest will ever remember and this is what is put to the forefront of what is an important purchase over capturing your wedding day visually.

is a wedding videographer worth it?

Life is fleeting - why would you not want a wedding film.

//Amelia & Ellis - Wedding Videography

There are many videographers out there and they all provided a different and creative representation of your day. Some charge £5000 and some charge £500 the issue is no matter where professionals pitch themselves they are always outside of someone’s budget. But just as we lust over many things in life, such as mobile phones, high spec TV or designer shoes. Choosing the right film maker is one really is solely based on your aspiration or the day. 

If you are reading this blog, it’s not about me trying to sell you a product, it's about making you understand that in the world of weddings, there is a pressure somewhere along the line to do things just like your mate, “Oh sally had sandals for her guests” … *spends £100 on sandals for your guest. Don’t guests have their own shoes? All these little random things add up to what essentially could be spent on having your wedding filmed.

Every single one of my couples who book for film messages me after delivery and say that they were not only blown away by my work but that they were so glad that they decided to book for film as its a keepsake that far out shines anything else!

is a wedding videographer worth it?

Unlike photos - Wedding films put you in multiple places at one

//Emily and Charlie - Wedding Videography

I get it - not everyone wants a wedding film or can afford one, but many could make savings in other places to allow the budget they have set for their wedding to allow for a wedding film. If you are reading this and you are still at the very start of your wedding planning and haven’t blown £1400 on random shit no one cares about, then I hope that it gives you something to think about. NO guest ever said … “oh I wish we had sandals, hairdo and Scottish shortbread wrapped in in gold leaf for Jessica’s wedding, I would have much preferred that than them having a wedding film”

My films cost less than 1 pint of larger a month over the average length of a UK marriage. Less than a chicken korma every month for 38 years from your local Indian Resturant, Less than are 900g bottle of Heinz Ketchup for the same period. But, they last for a lifetime. They are an investment for your life and your families life, beautiful created to highlight your day. 

is a wedding videographer worth it?


//Kirsty & Nathan - Wedding Videography