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Guy and Maria's Wells wedding was a celebration of their love and a testament to the power of simplicity. As a Wells wedding photographer, I was fortunate enough to capture their destination elopement in the charming medieval town of Wells. They flew all the way from their home in Warsaw to make their love official in the UK after their symbolic wedding hosted in the north of Spain with Maria's family.

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The Wells elopment began in Vicars Close, a stunning row of 14th-century houses that is considered to be one of the oldest continually inhabited streets in Europe. The couple looked dapper and chic in their blue and white suits, I took some stunning photos against the backdrop of the historic houses.

Next, we headed to the Mayor's Parlour for their ceremony, which was a beautiful and intimate affair with their witnesses and Guy's daughter Alex. The couple exchanged their vows and rings, with beaming smiles on their faces as the light in Wells town hall pour beautiful through the window.

After the ceremony, I took a few more photos around the Mayor's Parlour, which was once the meeting place of the city council, and is now a popular venue for weddings in the city.

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Their reception was a short affair with their witnesses, but it was filled with love and laughter. Guy and Maria looked so happy and in love, and it was a joy to capture their joy in the photos. The atmosphere was warm and intimate, and it was clear that their love for each other was the most important thing in the world.

After the ceremony, We spent some time exploring the beautiful city of Wells, taking in the history and charm of the area. As a Wells wedding photographer, I know how important it is for couples who choose to plan their wedding here. We enjoyed a quiet walk through the gardens and buildings of the Bishop's Palace, a stunning medieval castle that has stood the test of time. The palace was once the residence of the Bishop of Bath and Wells and is now a popular tourist attraction. After a shot reception and some shots in the beautiful setting I said my fair-wells. It was time for the couple to enjoy their intimate day with their closest people. The next day Guy and his daughter headed back to Warsaw, and Maria flew off to Melbourne on a business trip. A brief yet memorable stop for their destination wedding in the heart of Somerset in the smallest city in the UK - Wells. I know that their love story is just beginning,

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Vicars Close

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Bishops Palace

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Wedding Photography Wells Town Hall Mayors Parlour