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Exploring the Open Roads in Style and Comfort with Light Motorhome Hire

With Essential Tips for Taking Children on a Motorhome Holiday

Are you dreaming of a memorable family holiday where you can embark on an adventure, create lasting memories, and travel in style and comfort? Look no further than Light Motorhome Hire's Sunseeker 196 motorhome. We will take you through our personal experience of staying in the Sunseeker 196 with our family of four—my wife, our two young boys Jude (7 years old) and Kye (almost 2 years old), and myself.

We will also provide essential tips for taking children on a motorhome break, ensuring a fun-filled and hassle-free experience. Additionally, for businesses looking to book photography or promotional videos for their motorhomes, we'll discuss how Business TV can be a valuable asset.

The MotorHome

The Sunseeker 196 motorhome is not your average basic model. Light Motorhome Hire has gone the extra mile to ensure that customers travel in style and comfort while exploring the open roads. With every factory option ticked, this motorhome boasts an array of impressive features. Priced from £135 a night, it offers excellent value for money.

The Sunseeker 196 is perfect for European travel, thanks to its living space air conditioning system, which keeps you and your loved ones cool even in warmer countries. This low-line 6-berth motorhome features an electric drop-down bed over the large front lounge, a family-size kitchen and bathroom amidships, and a light rear lounge that transforms into a spacious double bed. Safety is a top priority, as the 196 is equipped with six dedicated seatbelts, allowing the whole family to travel securely. This layout makes it an ideal choice for adventurous families.

Motor-homing With Children

Now, let's delve into our personal experience of staying in the Sunseeker 196 with our young boys, Jude and Kye. From the moment we stepped inside, we were greeted by a luxurious and well-designed interior. The contemporary LED lighting throughout the motorhome created a warm and inviting atmosphere. The cab air conditioning provided a refreshing coolness during our travels, and the cruise control feature made driving a breeze.

The living space air conditioning system was a game-changer, especially when traveling in in the recent mini heat wave we are having. It kept us comfortable and ensured that our little one didn't get too hot during the journey. We appreciated the thoughtfulness behind Cat 1 Alarm, which added an extra layer of security in the evenings.

As parents, we were happy to find cab blinds that provided privacy and shade when needed. This allowed our children to nap peacefully during the day, even when the sun was shining brightly. The leisure battery and solar panel were essential features that kept our devices charged and ensured uninterrupted entertainment during our stay. The USB sockets conveniently located in the kitchen area allowed us to keep our smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets powered up.

One of the highlights of our Sunseeker experience was the Dometic full-length side awning. It provided a shaded outdoor space where our children could play and we could relax, taking in the scenic views. The awning was easy to set up and provided much-needed protection from the elements Pat a Light Motor Homes was more than happy to run us through the workings of not only the Awning but also other elements of the motor home.

Entertainment was never an issue during our trip, thanks to the Smart TVs located at the rear of the motorhome. With Netflix hooked up our youngest boys waking at the crack of dawn a bit of his favourite cartoons didn't go a miss.

When it came to the practical aspects of traveling with children, the Sunseeker that Pat has for hire truly excelled. The good sized kitchen provided ample space for meal preparation, and the gas & mains hob allowed us to cook our favourite food with ease. We appreciated having the option to choose between gas and mains power, giving us flexibility depending on the availability of resources at various campsites. This also goes for the fridge on board, choosing from gas and electricity for its power was ideal. It kept our food fresh even when we were out and about.

The shower room was a lifesaver, especially when it came to cleaning off the kids, The convenience of having an onboard shower-room eliminated the need for long walks to the campsite showers,

In terms of sleeping arrangements, the electric drop-down bed over the large front lounge was a real space-saver and was a big ht with our son Jude! It provided a comfortable and easily accessible sleeping area for him. The rear lounge, which converted into a huge double bed, was perfect for us and Kye to sleep in as well.. The plush mattresses and cozy bedding ensured a restful night's sleep, allowing us to wake up refreshed and ready for another day of adventure in Dorset!

Children On a Motor Home Holiday?

Now, let's shift our focus to essential tips for taking children on a motorhome holiday. Traveling with young ones can be both exciting and challenging, but with some careful planning and preparation, it can be a rewarding experience for the whole family.

Safety First: The motorhome is equipped with child safety features, such as dedicated seatbelts, which easily secured car seats for travel, and safety locks on cabinets and drawers. Not only to keep them from opening while traveling, but also to keep a 2 year old from opening.

Pack Wisely: Bring along essential items, while the camper has lots of space for storage, weight can add additional fuel costs like any form of transport. Having said that to fill half a tank of diesel only cost £60!

Keep a Routine: This is pretty obvious but camping as such with a toddler can be interesting to say the least. Maintain your consistent daily routine, including meal times, nap times, and bedtime, as much as possible. This will help your little one adjust to the new environment and minimise disruptions. Also this can provide awesome adult time for wine and cheese around an open fire!

Plan Kid-Friendly Activities: Research child-friendly attractions and activities along your route. Look for parks, playgrounds, beaches, and other outdoor spaces where your children can burn off some energy and have fun. Bare-in-mind that planning ahead is essential with a motorhome, parking can be tricky in places and will cost a little more than a car in some places. Look for National Trust car parks that cater well for motorhomes of 7 metres plus in length.

Stay Organised: Keep your motorhome tidy and organised to make the most of the limited space. It sounds silly, but it super important. Use storage containers for open foods, unless you want to find a rice crispy in your bed.

Embrace Flexibility: Allow for spontaneity in your itinerary and be open to unexpected detours or changes in plans. Sometimes the most memorable moments happen when you least expect them and with a motorhome you can really do that - it gives you the flexibility to move around and just pitch up and enjoy the areas you pass.

Motorhome Photography and Promo Videos

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