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Hi Folks,

I'm Stu, a wedding photographer based near Bristol. If you're searching for a professional wedding photographer in Bristol, you've come to the right place. I cover the whole of the UK, including Bristol, and I'm just 40 minutes from the City. I'm also happy to travel overseas for weddings. Bristol is a beautiful location for weddings, and I've had the pleasure of photographing many weddings in Bristol and the surrounding areas over the years.

Now living near Bath, my wife Gemma & I have been together 20 years and my sons Jude and Kye are 7 and 1. Like many families we a tight little unit and very family orientated. We love, muddy walks, holidays, food and spending quality time together as much as we can as well heading into the homeland of Bristol for days out.

I travel to Bristol a fair amount to shoot wedding photography and Videography. I’m proud to be one of the most popular wedding photographers in the Bristol and surrounding area's.

Of course, Bristol is a vibrant, diverse and creative city and has provided me with many interesting wedding stories Unsatisfied with standard wedding photos? Bristol is a diverse place and give your wedding an awesome look, from the Bristol Docks to the Tobacco Factory it's quirky unique edge gives wedding photography in Bristol that little bit extra!

One of the things that I love most about being a wedding photographer and videographer in Bristol is the diversity of the venues. The city and its surroundings offer a wide range of options, from beautiful country manors to modern industrial spaces. Each venue presents its own set of challenges and opportunities, and I enjoy the creative process of finding the spots. I also have the opportunity to shoot at waterfront venues, which is always a great experience. The views of the water and the boats passing by create a unique backdrop and can add an extra dimension to the photos and videos. I love being able to capture the couple with the water in the background, it makes for a great contrast and creates a sense of tranquility and serenity and in Bristol you have the added element of the city backdrop along the Bristol Harbourside. I also love it when couples book boat trips along the river Avon - always awesome!

So from the registry off on Baldwin Street, "Graffiti on the overpass" Kingsweston House and the Docks, I know Bristol well and it's a great place for a me to shoot and for weddings!

As a documentary wedding photographer, I'm passionate about creativity, family, weddings, and marriage. I firmly believe that photography plays a crucial role in capturing the special moments of our lives, not just for us but for those who love us too. That's why I strive to capture the genuine, authentic moments of your wedding day as they unfold, with a subtle bit of creativity for good measure, making your wedding photography and film timeless and nostalgic.

My style is documentary, with rich classic tones, and I love working with couples who want their day to be captured just as it happens, with a touch of subtle mood. I'm best suited to couples who are light-hearted, easy-going, and madly in love, and who aren’t afraid to let loose and have some fun for couples shots. So, be prepared to throw out the mandatory photography wedding rule book, raise your hands and dance like the fun and unique couple you are! 

My whole ethos, in my life and in my career, is to ensure that what happens gets documented. I always have a camera on me, capturing all the real-life moments, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the funny. These are the things that will mean the world to you in years to come! The honest and real life moments we will crave to look back on in the years to come.

When it comes to wedding photography, my images are both on-trend and classic, with a love for family roots and the solidity that marriage brings to your life. I capture moments that are authentic, genuine, and unscripted, with crisp, rich tones full of nostalgia. I use natural light for portraits and also direct and off-camera flash techniques to make images pop, leaving them with longevity for years to come. Unlike many wedding photographers, I avoid using presets, preferring to keep things as close to real-life colour as possible. I also adore black and white.

Throughout a wedding day, I won't get in your way, and I keep myself to myself. I enjoy chatting with folks from time to time, but I'm never going to ask you or your guests to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or fake. It's all about just being yourself. During family portraits, where guests may look like rabbits in headlights, I might try to mix it up. I guide you through family shots and your own couple shots that will leave you, Mum, and Nan with something beautiful for the wall, as well as the album.

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