When it comes to editing wedding photography, there are always new trends emerging. However, not all trends are created equal, and some are best avoided if you want to give you wedding longetivity for years to come. In my opinion longevity is worth it's weight in gold when it comes to choosing a style that will look natural in years to come. As we look ahead to 2023, here are my top five wedding photography editing trends that you should steer clear of:

1: Overuse of skin smoothing:

While a little skin smoothing can be beneficial, overuse can make the skin look unnaturally smooth and plastic-like. Instead of relying heavily on skin smoothing, focus on booking a photographer that can get better effects using lighting and flattering exposure right in-camera. You want to look like you in years to come. Plus there's never gonna be a worse feeling in 30 years time knowing ... this is not actually how I looked.

2: Excessive use of presets:

While presets can be an easy way for photographers to add a unique style to their wedding photography work, excessive use of them can make the images look overly processed and artificial. Instead, opt for a photographer that opts for subtle adjustments to colour and contrast to enhance the natural beauty of what you see with your eyes.

3: Over use of selective colour:

While selective color can be a powerful tool, overuse can make the image look unrealistic and artificial. Instead, opt for natural-looking color adjustments that enhance the overall look of the photo.

4: Overuse of compositing:

While compositing can be a useful tool for creating unique images, overuse can make the image look fake and unrealistic. Instead, opt for a more natural and authentic look by focusing on the quality of the original image.

5: Desaturating Colours:

Desaturated colours can make the images look dated very quickly. As photography trends change over time, desaturated colours can make the images look like they were taken many years ago even if they were just yesterday. This maybe a desired look. But taste change and we get older and its likely desaturated pictures may look a bit crap many years down the line. Desaturated greens in particular can make the natural landscapes in your wedding photos look unappealing, lacking in contrast and not showing the true beauty and nature of your wedding. Theres a reason you get married in the spring and summer.

It's important to keep in mind that less is often more when it comes to editing wedding photography. Avoiding these trends will ensure that your images look natural and authentic for years to come, its so easy to be distracted by images on instagram and be convinced that it looks amazing. Choosing a style of wedding photography should be something of a though for many years down the line. It should be like that little black dress you've had for years and just works every time. Classic, understated and dependable. These are memories of the most important day of your life and should be preserved in the best way possible.